OBP produces veterinary vaccines for livestock protection against bacterial and viral diseases. Cell Culture and Fermentation technologies are employed in producing our quality vaccines. Apart from vaccines, OBP produces a range of diagnostic reagents for use by the veterinary laboratories to assist in diagnosing a range of livestock diseases. With the manufacturing plant having been in existence since 1968, an infrastructural upgrade project is underway to modernise the facility and introduce new technologies into our process as we strive to meet our customer expectations

Sales and Distribution

OBP produces various types of vaccine doses for use in local and international markets. Our range of available vaccines contribute to the prevention of animal diseases such as Anthrax, Botulism, Enterotoxaemia, Rift Valley Fever, Brucellosis, Redwater, Lumpy Skin and Three-Day Stiffness.

Vaccines can be purchased from us directly, via the buyer’s portal, or by e-mailing our Sales Department. We welcome telephonic enquiries and strive to satisfy you, the consumer, with any potential queries that you may have. To further assist, we have made a detailed pharmaceutical package insert available to read alongside each preparation in our range, to be found under ’Our Products’. Vaccination schedules have been uploaded for your convenience, however, since there are many factors that influence vaccination programmes, notwithstanding the risk factors involved, we recommend that a local veterinarian be consulted rather than adhering solely to a printed source.

We have a number of co-operatives that we have endorsed to sell our products locally and to provide advice. Please refer to the list of retailers in your area. The Sales Department at OBP complies with strict International and Local Quality Assurance codes where manufacturing, storage, packaging and inventories are carefully monitored to bring you a safe, efficacious product. Every effort is made to meet seasonal demand.

OBP operates a wide distribution network that reaches Southern Africa, the African continent, along with markets as far afield as Europe. Our products are delivered locally via courier in order to fulfil the regulations that reflect good practice in the transportation of veterinary biological products. Our commitment is to ensure that we reach out to every customer while delivering our products, and we place great emphasis on a 'right day, right product' policy through a monitored cold chain supply.