The Executive

Our Executive provides strategic insight to the business along with governing and managing all internal and external operations. Exco is focused on build positive customer relationships, and is actively engaged with its partners in the bio-medical research, development and production sector, as well as the social needs of its agricultural, farming and rural communities. Committee members and Heads of Departments bring all operative functions together to realise OBP's vision for the future

Interim Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Bethuel Nthangeni
Corporate Services Executive
Charlene Sheraton
Chief Operations Officer
Collin Manickum
Interim Marketing, Sales and Business Development Officer
Dr Jacob Modumo
Chief Financial Officer
Elspeth Govender

OBP continues to contribute our skills towards the achievement of the National Development Plan (NDP) vision 2030, National Priorities, and Agriculture sectoral plans. We support and strive to help realise an Integrated and Inclusive Rural Economy through the production of vaccines to improve animal health, and enhance agricultural productivity.