Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which vaccines to give my animals and when?

This should be carefully planned in conjunction with a veterinarian, before you go out and buy the vaccine. The vaccines you use will depend on the geographic location of your farm, the type of farming you are doing (eg. dairy or beef, extensive or intensive). The optimal time of year for vaccination will depend on the disease (some are seasonal) and your management practices eg. quarterly inoculation must be done before shearing sheep.

How many vaccines can I give at once?

This depends on the specific vaccines. In general, LIVE VIRUS vaccines tend to interfere with other live virus vaccines, while INACTIVATED vaccines (bacterial or viral) do not.

Do you have to vaccinate with lumpy skin disease vaccine every year or is one vaccination enough?

Annual revaccination is recommended

Can you inject other vaccines with blood vaccines?

It depends on the vaccines. Check with your veterinarian or email us.

Can you inject Heartwater and Redwater vaccines at the same time?


What will happen if I accidently inject myself with vaccine?

Most veterinary vaccines will not adversely affect humans, but can cause local swelling and discomfort at the site of the injection. Should you inject yourself with vaccine, consult a medical doctor and ask him or her to telephone the veterinarian at OBP.